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6 min

You’ll leave from the pad flying north along the shoreline up to the tip of Bear Creek Provincial Park, crossing over the lake to the back side of the popular Knox Mountain Park, while popping up for quick view of the growing Downtown Kelowna cityscape.

6 min flight

$119.99 flight total or

$39.99 per person

Lake Circut

12 min

Head down the lakefront towards the Hotel Eldorado, then fly back over the lake giving you unobstructed views of Lake Okanagan and a quick peek of the famous Mission Hill Family Estate Winery. Then travel down the west shoreline direct to pad IKON.

12 min flight

$227.99 flight total or

$75.99 per person

At A Glance

18 min

Head up to Kelowna’s number one tourist attraction: the Myra Canyon Park Trestles. Leaving Myra you’ll head down towards Scenic Canyon Regional Park following Mission Creek back into the cityscape of Kelowna and back to land at pad IKON.

18 min flight

$299.99 flight total or

$99.99 per person

View The Vines

36 min

This adventure has two choices. You get to choose between the North route which gives you year-round beautiful fly over views of popular destinations. Or Choose a southern departure overflying the most visited winery. The choice is yours!

36 min flight

$599.99 flight total or

$199.99 per person

Customize &
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Everything's cooler with a helicopter.

If a predetermined adventure doesn’t suit your needs and you want something outside the box that YOU think is COOL — like landing on a peak of your choice, or flying to a private fishing hole, or simply just exploring! We’re more than happy to accommodate whatever you can dream up and will cater to your needs the best we can!

Things we like to offer: Heli hiking, Heli fishing, Heli camping, Heli picnics, Heli weddings, Glacier walks, Proposals, Anniversaries and more. Charter rate : $800.00 per flight hour

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