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Helicopter Services

Film & Photography

Take your aerial filming and photography to a new level of creativity, innovation, and professionalism with our highly versatile aerial crews and state-of-the-art equipment. Whether its motion picture or aerial photography, be it for movie, commercial, music promo, broadcast, or corporate productions, our photography service can assist you in bringing your vision to new heights.

Forestry & Wildlife

Have you ever considered how a helicopter can be an advantage in your operation? An experienced pilot can save your project thousands of dollars with accuracy and efficiency in operations. Ikon Adventures is available for all kinds of forestry and wildlife services beyond fire suppression, such as transporting crew and equipment and performing wildlife counts and aerial surveys.

Oil & Gas 

Ikon Adventures can help with your remote transportation and well-head service needs. Crew moves, pipeline construction and well-site inspections.

Aerial Application & Agriculture

There are many advantages to aerial applications; better coverage, no trampling of crops, no ruts are made in the fields, and so much more. One of the best advantages is faster applications, and our experienced team is happy to assist in greenhouse glass cleaning, shade painting, mosquito control, cherry drying or any of your aerial application needs.