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Attractions In Kelowna – Helicopter Tours | Ikon Adventures

Attractions In Kelowna – Helicopter Tours | Ikon Adventures

Located in the most beautiful valley of the Pacific Northwest, the Okanagan is home to all the awesome Summer activities a tourist or local could dream of! With the recent flooding of Kelowna, some of these activities might be hindered or impossible for this season. With that in mind, it is a good time to look at some activities that don’t involve Okanagan Lake, of which there are many! All of the scenic vistas and tours available offer more excitement than a day at the beach, so let’s get creative and look at some of the fun to be had outside the water.

Visit the Myra Canyon Trestles: Adventure in Kelowna

Tucked away on the outskirts of Kelowna is one of the most historic and scenic destinations in the Valley. Featuring a suspension bridge over looking rows upon rows of beautiful evergreens, Myra Canyon is one of the most popular places to visit in the area. Dating back to the late 1800s, Myra Canyon Trestles were designed to provide a railway for the mining boom of the century. Since then, the canyon has been converted into a hiking and cycling trail that spans well over 10km of track. At an elevation of 3000ft over Kelowna, this path has amazing viewpoints that overlook the natural beauty of the land.

Helicopter Tours - Kelowna Attractions | Ikon Adventures


Hike Knox Mountain Park: A Historic Landmark of the Okanagan

Close to home, there are trails covering every worthwhile section of the mountain. Named after Dr. Bill Knox who came to Kelowna in the early 1900s to practice medicine, Knox Mountain is the destination for a truly picturesque view overlooking all of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake. There are downhill biking paths for adventure seekers, and steps leading up to the crescent where there is a log pavilion for some shade on the hot Summer days.

Helicopter Tours: Everything is More Fun in a Helicopter

When your legs are tired from the bike riding and hiking trails of Kelowna, hop in the chopper, with Ikon Adventures to escort you over and around Okanagan Lake, viewing the valley from the sky in all of its splendor. Wanting to see the vineyards from a new perspective? Our tours offer views of the vines from a lookout unlike any other, and from every angle you could ask! There is no better way to experience the Okanagan than from this elevation, offering you sights that will leave a long-lasting impression in your mind. These tours vary in length and cost, so there is an option for anyone. See all of the Okanagan, with Ikon Adventures!

Helicopter Tours - Kelowna Attractions | Ikon Adventures

Kasugai Japanese Garden: Kelowna’s Link to Their Japanese Counterpart

In the heart of downtown Kelowna is the Japanese Gardens. Guarded by a tall, wooden gate surrounding the property, this is a delightfully designed and landscaped area for the public to take in and enjoy. With a fountain flowing through, and a small circuit to walk, this is a great place to take a brief walk with all the scents and colours of Summer surrounding you. Opened in 1987 to commemorate Kelowna’s sister city, Kasugai, this garden is emblematic of the relationship between these two cities that are geographically far apart, but share much in history and commerce together.

Helicopter Tours - Kelowna Attractions | Ikon Adventures

Wine Tours: Get the Real Okanagan Experience

No list of the top things to do anywhere in the Okanagan would be complete without a section on the vineyards and wineries that populate this land. World-class destination wineries, such as Summerhill and Mission Hill wineries, have gained recognition for their award-winning grapes, wine processing, and ultimately the bottles that ship out their doors. Complementing the amazing wines is brilliant architecture, such as the Pyramid at Summerhill, or the Bell Tower at Mission Hill. Side note, our helicopter tours offer trips over these amazing wineries, among others, so if you’re looking to visit these spots maybe take a ride to decide which will be your next stop for a sip of wine fresh from the vine.

Helicopter Tours - Kelowna Attractions | Ikon Adventures

Even though Kelowna has experienced its worst flooding in decades, there is a never-ending treasure trove of exciting places and events to explore and attend in the Okanagan. The toughest part remains deciding which to do, or where to be, and that can be nailed down with a quick trip over the Okanagan, where you will get a top-down view of every worthwhile location in the area, giving you all the information you’ll need to pin down what you will do with your time in the Okanagan Valley.

Fly with us at Ikon Adventures! See the Okanagan in a completely new way. Call us at 778-837-1291 to plan your special occasion today!

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